Your vacation in Klausen

Living history

From the beginnings of the “Schmuck”-house until today

The beginnings

The Schmuckhof was a remarkable building even in the past. It stood out prominently under the Branzoll Castle and the vineyards with the typical Eisack valley white wines. The house was bought and lived in by the grandfather of Hannes: Heindl and his wife Maria.


The Torgglkeller

Heindl was a very sociable person and so it happened that he regularly invited farmers who were friends to the Schmuckhof to taste the new wine. There was also bread, cheese and bacon. Over time, the Torgglkeller was therefore expanded. Heindl designed and built it himself. Today's popular seating was created from old wine barrels. In 1968 the Torgglkeller was opened as a wine tavern.


The wine tavern

The success of the Torgglkeller was not long in coming and so everyone soon had to lend a hand. The children Gabi - the current owner of our partner company “Hotel Restaurant Pizzeria Walther von der Vogelweide” and Helga - the owner of the “Gasslbräu” next door, helped together with Helmuth, Hannes' father, wherever they could.



In 1974 Heindl acquired two adjoining houses, in one of which the first pizzeria in Klausen was built. At first, a pizza maker from Naples was hired, but soon after an apprenticeship as a pizza maker, his son Helmuth was able to take the place. It didn't take long for the pizzeria to make a name for itself and become known beyond the city limits.


The Hotel

Right from the start, the Schmuckhof was not just home to the Brunner family. Several tenants shared the house and partly also the entrance, which often made it quite cramped for the family. When Helmut took over the Schmuckhof, he began to expand the house and  was able to welcome guests in the Schmuckhof Residence. His son Hannes, the current owner, continued this tradition and made further renovations and extensions.



History made the house what it is today. No new building can tell the stories that the house and its residents have to tell. In every old hall there is the blood and sweat that built the house. We are happy to be part of this story and to be able to give you a piece of it on your way.



You will discover history in every room with us. Starting with the cellar over 4 decades ago.



The first pizzeria in the Eisack valley and still today the address for the round specialty.


Törggelen and groups

Wine and cozy get-togethers have always been the core of the Torgglkeller. Neither is neglected during the Törggele period.


A little piece of Klausen